Friday 26 June 2009

"Sticky White Glue" download time .... and then some "Codpaste"!

The first release in the Collected Radio Works by Ergo Phizmiz, spanning over 30 hours of experimental radio across sound-collage, spoken-word & radioplays, large-scale instrumental compositions, songs, ambient & furniture music, musique-concrete, installations, and sound-poetry, produced between 2000-2008.

"Ergo Phizmiz's Sticky White Glue, a twelve-part series of sound montages--voices, music, and plunderphonic juxtapositions of the two--reminds us why radio has been described as "schizophonic," packing more disembodied sounds and voices than the ear can process" - Artforum magazine

This series "Sticky White Glue" first aired 2003-2004 on Resonance FM, London, and was repeated 2009 on Soundart Radio, Dartington. Segments of the pieces were also broadcast by Kenny G on WFMU. It is a fanciful play-around with the juxtapositions of instruments & voices with sampling and digital composition, and features as its main protagonists Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy.

Download it at WFMU's Free Music Archive.

And then, blimeyblimey, we are are delighted to also present a permanent archive of "Codpaste" by People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz.

"Codpaste" was a weekly podcast series in which the two artists attempted to compose collage music from the very beginning, in a "work in progress" style, attempting to open up the creative process. The theory is that it is rare to see compositions made from the outset, and usually the audience are only invited in once the piece is finished, done and dusted. These weekly programmes were expanded into a digital-only album entitled “Rhapsody in Glue”.

Download Codpaste at Free Music Archive.

Thursday 25 June 2009

New, free EP "Earballet - Don Quixote" out now...

Hot of the presses, a new five-track EP of instrumental music by Ergo Phizmiz.

"Earballet - Don Quixote" takes five scenes from Cervantes' novel as the basis of compositions, written for acoustic, electric, and homemade instruments, with voices and field-recordings.

It's an indicator of Ergo's more recent sound, sort of instrumental tapestries.

You can download this EP free at the WFMU Free Music Archive.

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Introducing ..... The Snow Flea

We are jolly excited to point you in the right direction for the first images and sounds from "The Snow Flea", a forthcoming new puppet opera from Buchinger's Boot Marionettes, with musical score by Ergo Phizmiz.

Go to Buchinger's Boot Snow Flea page.

The score is arranged for acoustic instrumentation, & electronically manipulated recordings of instruments, combined with samples of traditional Inuit music and Arctic field-recordings

And exclusively to this blog, here's an mp3 of a sequence showing a Raven fighting over a fish with a seagull.

Then if you're thirsty for more Snow Flea previews, you could do worse than try on James Tregaskis' Outsider In with Ergo Phizmiz.

The Snow Flea premieres in Marseilles, November 2009.

Wednesday 17 June 2009


From deep, deep in the Phizmiz vaults come these two nuggets of delight from 2003.

Written by Ergo Phizmiz, and performed by comic genius and Renaissance man Erik Bumbledonk, who uploaded these gems previously thought lost to the big cardboard box of eternally disappeared CDrs.

"Santa Claus gets relatively bored sat in his little cupboard everyday by himself. Throughout the course of the year while he waits for Christmas to happen, this is what he does."

"Its hard being a stand-up comedian. It gets even harder when you get a big laugh though. Featuring birds." * Note: those of you with either minors or miners may be warned that this piece has a few rather rude words in and also features Erik Bumbledonk's slice of hanging beef! *

More glorious Bumbledonk here.

Saturday 6 June 2009

Music from "The House of Dr Faustus"

The first material to be released from Ergo Phizmiz's large scale radio work "The House of Dr Faustus", a real labour of love now nearing completion, has just hit the web!

'Music from "The House of Dr Faustus"' is an hour of new instrumental Ergo Phizmusic created over the last two years, basically the soundtrack album to the radioplay, a Surrealist journey into a house with a depth of hundreds of miles.

It is also the first release displaying Ergo's more recent stylistic developments, with a greater focus on instrumentation and detailed arrangements. "Gretchen's Tango" dreams woozily about on harmoniums and multitracked trumpets, whilst "Music For Darkness" visualises an immense black, timeless space with thumping violas, Cajon and harmonica. Also pay a visit to a "Dream Garden", experience the "Death Dance of David Niven", or sink into the "Music For an Underground Circus".

This release is available in high quality mp3 format, completely free ....

You can stream or download it at the WFMU Free Music Archive.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Poetry Lab, on BBC Radio 3

Ergo Phizmiz has composed the new theme tune for Poetry Lab on BBC Radio 3's The Verb. This will premiere this coming Friday (June 5th) at 2115 UK time.