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“After a year of film soundtrack composition, music theatre, operatic works and horspiel for German national radio, composer Ergo Phizmiz has recently returned to soloperformance (but with a new lightness). Allowing whatever instruments that he’s been lent on the day to dictate his sound, and letting his set find its own path, he strips songs from his broad oeuvre to a rough-hewn, often sublime, essence. The stage becomes his studio, an opportunity for us to witness a creative act beyond performance, improvisation in its truest sense. It’s this lack of a fear of failure and an absorption in his art that makes Phizmiz such a compelling performer and continually draws comparison with our most highly regarded artists from Robert Wyatt (The Guardian) to Scott Walker (The Wire).”

Ergo Phizmiz is available for bookings internationally, in both a solo capacity, in collaborations, and productions.

Now booking solo tour of USA October - November 2014

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