Friday 26 February 2010

The Mourning Show

On his regular morning radio show, BBC DJ Chris Evans is called by three increasingly strange women. Something transpires. Something dark. But you'll have to wait and see.

A new opera by Ergo Phizmiz.

Starring Erik Bumbledonk, and featuring the disembodied voices of Margita Zalite, Lucinda Guy, and Martha Moopette. With The Travelling Mongoose as the Plague Doctor.

Premiering at De Player, Rotterdam, who also commissioned the opera, on May 8, 2010, to be followed by small-scale European and UK tours. Tour dates to be announced soon.

- If you are a promoter or organiser interested in The Mourning Show playing in your theatre, club, or wherever else, drop us a line and a full information pack will be forwarded -

For a sneak preview, you could do worse than download the Overture.

Tuesday 16 February 2010

The Faust Re.Cycled

From Headphonica:

“The Faust Re.Cycled” is a remix-project in connexion with the the biggest/hughest creative commons release so far: “The Faust Cycle” by Ergo Phizmiz [], released on [you guessed it] on January 1st 2010.

“The Faust Cycle” is an extraordinary album as it embodys 14+ hours [!] of music surrounding the phantastic fable about the house of Dr. Faustus - it is a “musical-comedy of disorientation and magick, somewhere between nightmare and the half-remembered childhood whimsy of an insomniac music-hall artiste”.
more information can be found here:

where you can also download the whole piece for free in various formats:
- mp3 [5 chunks / 2 GB]
- FLAC [in one piece / 4 GB]
- ogg [in one piece / 800+ MB]
not to forget the marvellous artwork [DIN A3, 2sided, pdf/jpg/gif].
now it's time to remix it:

so here you are:
includes 62 samples and snippets from the original mastertapes, compressed in mp3/320kbps.
you can also cut out whatever you like from the released 14+hours and reconstruct it.
if you need something very special, please contact the duke of phizmiz himself:

so, take the samples and do whatever you like.
there are already many genres/styles in the original Faust Cycle - it’s up to you to transfer this samples into something new: invent new genres now.
click, create, communicate.

please send your remixes to:

as we'd like to normalize the remixes before publishing them it's neccessary that you send it in WAV-quality / uncompressed. you can use / / or any free service like that and just post us the download-link.
if you have more than 300MB to send us we recommend which takes up to 1GB

DEADLINE for submissions is april 30th.

“The Faust Re.Cycled” will be released including your remix on may 21st on Headphonica

Monday 15 February 2010

Phuj Phactory: Choice Slabs of Phuj from Ergo Phizmiz on WFMU

Out now on the Free Music Archive, 46 tracks of choice sound-collage cut from Ergo Phizmiz's WFMU mash-up show Phuj Phactory.