Tuesday 25 November 2014

The Christmas Rock

Hang your smelly socks and put on your finest woolen jumper, because the new Ergo Phizmiz Christmas single is here! Out now on Bandcamp, and a sexy animated music video too....

If you like this, please fork out your hard earned one-pound for it. Times is hard, and every little helps. Happy Christmush.

Sunday 16 November 2014


Performed at the Chapel in the Garden, Bridport. KEEP THE TONE LOW. A Cesspit Gameshow with Elvis Herod, Thea Martin and Ergo Phizmiz.

Photographs by the magnificent Sara Buchanan, Guv'nor of Hollywood.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Content: Ergo Phizmiz "Cold Collation"

Stone the crows! The first book by Ergo Phizmiz is just about to be published by Content ....


Ergo Phizmiz
Cold Collation
Publication date: December 2014
ISBN: 9781937027285
Price: $10
"He’s like the grandma-gobbling wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, swallowing down the entire world, all the better to heave it back up in your face" -The Wire Magazine

Monday 3 November 2014

Emotional Freedom

Sit back, relax, and let the world's leading authority on healing and the cosmos, Dr Ergo Phizmiz BsC, take you on a journey into the dense world of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.

Packed with all your favourite techniques for spiritual health, emotional-financial growth, divinations, EVP, summoning, colour therapy, and everything in-between on the path to eternal love.

At seven hours long, this vast slab of healing is guaranteed to soothe and tickle each and every one of your chakras, from the bass chakra to the drum chakra.

Recorded live on the marvellous and soothing Soundart Radio.

This album is dedicated to Ergo's old mamma, who helped this long drawl of healing energy soothe into motion.