Monday 19 January 2009

The Invention of Birds @ First Spark Festival, Dartington, UK

Running from February 4th - 14th at Dartington Gallery, Ergo Phizmiz presents a new installation "The Invention of Birds". Comprising new collages, animations, objects, and two hours of new music & sound-design, the installation takes place as part of the First Spark Festival of Soundart Radio.

For more information about this and the myriad other marvellous events and broadcasts taking place, visit Soundart Radio.

And if you're somewhere too far away to visit, you can tune in online to hear the launch night on 4th February 6-8pm UK time featuring an improvised mix from Ergo Phizmiz & DJ Salinger, plus a 24 hour stream from the installation on Sunday 8th February.

Friday 2 January 2009

Diddly-Dee-Diddly-Da, as Reginald Gardner once intoned .....

Many interesting and lovely things happening this year.....

Coming soon there'll be the new album "Things to Do and Make" on Care in the Community Recordings, preceded by a single "Food and War" featuring B-side cover by R. Stevie Moore. A tour is planned to accompany the album release. The new LP showcases Ergo's songwriting through two solid sides of eccentric pop goodness, and will also be accompanied by an online version of the complete sessions for the album, with more than two hours of extra material not included on the album.

Collaborations are on the cards with Klimperei, David Fenech, R. Stevie Moore, Jack Phoenix, Margite Zalite, The Travelling Mongoose, Thomas Hicks, and Buchinger's Boot Marionettes. These collaborations will run across radio, albums, workshops, television, soundtracks, and theatre.

Towards the end of the year we'll see the podcast of Ergo's radiouberwork "The Faust Cycle" - a ten part radio adventure that has taken up the best part of the last two years. This podcast will also be followed by an installation and an album release of music from the series on Soleilmoon. Alongside Ergo taking part in various ways in this radiophonic extravaganza are Jack Phoenix, Margite Zalite, Felix Kubin, Irene Moon, Pete Um, Matt Johnson, Zenith Pitts, Martha Moopette, Mystoffeles Valentine, and Angela Valid. Coinciding in 2009 with this will be the launch of Ergo Phizmiz's (almost) complete radio works from 1999-2009 in high-quality mp3 at the ever marvellous Ubuweb.

Also keep an eye out for the release on Cataclyst Records of "Chronicles of the Suspicious Gentlemen" in the later part of the year, and a new commission for BBC Radio 3 about the painter Paul Klee and his relationship with music. Ergo is also currently working on a number of projects in broadcast media for children.

On the live front, also keep an eye out for live shows in collaboration with People Like Us. The best place to keep up to date with live shows is at .

So, busy times afoot, and full steam ahead ..... happy new year ....

Un Nuit Dystopia / Hommage Michel Foucault

A new mp3 compilation features a brand spanking new Ergo Phizmiz track "Mystery of Hadness". The album, entitled "Un Nuit Dystopia" also contains composition from Ryuta K, Henry Gwiazda, Sara Ayers, Kol Sonzgln, Bunk Data, and Makryham.

You can download the entire thing for free here.