Sunday 18 July 2010

"Late" - The new single by Ergo Phizmiz on Care in the Community Recordings

Ergo Phizmiz's new single "Late", a 'Lennonesque anti love-song', from the forthcoming album "Things to Do and Make", is available now for digital download, with a 7" released shortly through exclusive outlets.

The digital download, which also comes with B side "Late (Alternative Version)" is available through most of the major download stores, Amazon, iTunes, Zavvi, HMV, and so on, ad infinitum......

The single comes from the album "Things to Do and Make", which is released early August on LP, CD and Digital and is now available for pre-order from most stores.

Ergo Phizmiz on R. Stevie-Moore Tribute Album

A new compilation of cover songs dedicated to legendary songwriter R. Stevie-Moore features an interpretation by Ergo Phizmiz of "Part of the Problem".

The compilation can be downloaded for free at Sick Of The Radio.

From their site:

R. Stevie Moore and WWW.SICKOFTHERADIO.COM are proud to finally present volume #1 to the on-going project. We want to thank each and every over 100+ bands who have submitted R. Stevie Moore cover songs. Please stay posted, we intend to release several more volumes. For Details on how to submit songs for future volumes go HERE and also HERE.

VOLUME ONE - “Copy Me, Treat Me” (78:56)
RELEASE DATE: Monday July 12, 2010
1. I Like To Stay Home – Skitanja (4:01)
2. Answers – Rebecca and Lane Steinberg (3:29)
3. Copy Me - K√ľnstler Treu’s Sleazy Disco Treatment (3:17)
4. Ryman Auditorium – Billy Ray Anderson (3:18)
5. I Go Into Your Mind - Talric G. Martin (3:24)
6. Dance Man – Preston Spurlock (2:57)
7. Don’t Let Me Go To The Dogs – Looo (1:25)
8. The Garbage State – The Mucus Mules (4:02)
9. It’s What You Do (It’s Not What You Are) – Dave Gregory (3:26)
10. Hobbies Galore – Dino Felipe (3:03)
11. Manufacturers – Mimi et les Pop People (3:57)
12. I Wish I Could Sing – Telethon Veginald Cheesburger (3:50)
13. Californian Rhythm – Gilbert Fawn (3:03)
14. Me Not Right - Purple Burt (1:14)
15. Records – Dominique Leone (1:43)
16. Oh Pat – b. janoff (4:04)
17. She Don’t Know What To Do With Herself – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti (2:52)
18. Part Of The Problem - Ergo Phizmiz (4:20)
19. Treat Me - pHoaming edison (2:49)
20. U R True – SPURM (2:48)
21. Debbie – Hard Sharks (2:04)
22. You Love Me, Do Something – Jes Maybe (5:49)
23. Combination Plate – Mitchell Friedman (4:27)
24. Dates – Jeff Eliassen (3:13)

Stay posted for the second exclusive volume, “New Wave Moons” which is set to release for free download on Monday July 19th.

Monday 12 July 2010

Ergo Phizmiz & Margita Zalite - Live Improvisation Set at Uneasy Listening

We are utterly delighted to announce a rare improvisation set from Ergo Phizmiz in co-operation with the Latvian songbird and Renaissance lady Margita Zalite.

After meeting as part of Iuliana Varodi's Transymusic project in Romania, Margo and Ergo (who inexplicably have not yet played under the moniker of "Mergo") have collaborated on lots of unreleased material, including the children's broadcast pieces "Amitini" & "Neredzema Margo". Margo also appears as one of the callers in Ergo Phizmiz's opera "The Mourning Show". This is the first time since 2007 they have played music in a room together.

From Uneasy Listening:

This time, UNEASY LISTENING will be taking place at THE OTHERS,

6-8 Manor Road London N16 5SA.

on tuesday the 10th of August 2010!!! (yes, even the date is exciting! No, really... that night there are going to be some amazing meteor showers!)


-Ergo Phizmiz & Margita Zalite!!!!-

-Bolide Vs The A Band!!!-

-Beat Frequency!!!-


-Alexander Williams-

On the decks: Gertie the Duck & Marcelo Madrid

Monday 5 July 2010

I Am The Music Man

One Sunday morning Martha Moopette said to Ergo Phizmiz "You really should cover I Am The Music Man". The deed was done, and by 3am the whole shebang, video and all (courtesy of Miss Moopette) were ready to molest the internet. Here are the results, with line-moustaches especially for the occassion ....