Saturday 17 October 2015

The Death of Ergo Phizmiz

Though I have wept and fasted, fasted and wept,
I grow old I grow old, I will wear the bottom of my trousers rolled,
and so on...

After 15 years and a completely life changing and very difficult year, it has become essential to definitively kill off Ergo Phizmiz, and begin my chequered career from scratch.

Thankyou for joining me for the ride. And fret ye not, there are hundreds of hours of music online, and hundreds more still unreleased. At some point we'll empty out the vaults in a massive splat of audio and video.

This blog will remain online as an archive.

A re-baptism / un-baptism took place at the recent performances of "Billiards" with Mahogany Opera Group. I will be back in further incarnations. You just wait and see what happens next.

Until then.....