Sunday 31 May 2009

Talulah & The Baron : Radio for Children

We are delighted to present the pilot episode "Talulah and the Baron", a new Ergo Phizmiz radio piece from a project-in-progress in children's radio.

Talulah and the Baron is a fantasy in sound-design, composition, song, and slapstick.

Voices are by Talulah Lotus & Autumn Poppy, my lovely daughters.

Sound-Design by Ergo Phizmiz & The Travelling Mongoose

Text, Narration, Composition, Production by Ergo Phizmiz

You can download phorphree at WFMU Free Music Archive.

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Ergo Phizmiz "Sticky White Glue" - Vintage Phizmiz radio series on Soundart Radio

Tune in to Ergo Phizmiz's show on Soundart Radio for the next six weeks to hear a piece of Phizmiz history!

"Sticky White Glue", a 12 part radio-art series originally created for Resonance FM between 2003-2004 and not broadcast since, was the foundation for everything that blasted out of the various Phizmiz studios since. The first time Ergo fully explored, in rich and intricate combinations, the relationships between sampling, live instrumentation, sound-poetry, musique-concrete, and vocals, it was the huge brainstorm that started everything that came since.

ArtForum magazine, back in the day, said "Ergo Phizmiz's Sticky White Glue, a twelve-part series of sound montages--voices, music, and plunderphonic juxtapositions of the two--reminds us why radio has been described as "schizophonic," packing more disembodied sounds and voices than the ear can process", and webzine Robots & Electronics Brains described it as "genius". Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us, described the show as every episode being like an album in itself.

The series was jam-packed full of collages, songs, wild fantasias jumping between and exploratively combining instruments and samples, noise compositions, electronic and electroacoustic music, and a generous serving of Laurel & Hardy, to whom the series was dedicated. It also features contributions from many long term Ergo collaborators, including Martha Moopette, Erik Bumbledonk (who covers the Disney song "Beauty and the Beast" to hilarious effect), and The Travelling Mongoose.

So - tune in to Soundart Radio at 2pm UK time Thursdays, starting May 21. Each episode of the Soundart broadcast will contain two episodes of SWG.

And if all that hasn't whetted your appetite enough, here is an eight minute mp3 extract of SWG episode 9.

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Filmed at the Mechanischemusikkabinett : Silent Bill

The final installment of this evening's video delights is a new animated film "Silent Bill" with text, animation and music by Ergo Phizmiz.

Filmed at the Mechanischemusikkabinett : Bally Buttons - A Studio Improvisation

The second of tonight's splurge of new videos from the laboratory is "Bally Buttons", a studio improvisation by Ergo Phizmiz.

Filmed at the Mechanischemusikkabinett : Down By The Stream

The first in a bunch, or a daker's bozen, of new short films, shot at Ergo's workshop the Mechanischemusikkabinett.

The first is a jaunty peek at the world of "Down By The Stream", Ergo's occasional shows with The Travelling Mongoose, which take place on Ergo's Soundart Radio show.

Friday 8 May 2009

Pointballing 2 : Macaroon - On BBC Radio 3 tonight

Tune into The Verb on BBC Radio 3 tonight for the second instalment of Ergo Phizmiz's "Pointballing". In a Victorian themed special of The Verb, Ergo presents a radiophonic adventure in spoken-word, sound-design, songs, and music, set during the reign of old Queen Vic - a kind of puppet-theatre for the ears.

From Radio 3:

As part of BBC Radio 3's Mendelssohn Weekend, Ian MacMillan's weekly programme dedicated to poetry and the spoken word explores the literary life of the 19th century, from its grand visions and Romanticism to its more curious and eccentric writers. Novelist and The Verb regular Toby Litt talks about some of the lesser-known poet laureates of the period, including Robert Southey, William Wordsworth and the unfortunate Alfred Austin, Tennyson's much-mocked successor, whom Robert Browning dismissed as the 'Banjo Byron'. Ergo Phizmiz presents some 'pointballing', his series of eclectic experiments in sound and language, this time with a Victorian flavour and in the spirit of the nonsense poetry of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll. And novelist Gregory Norminton, author of Serious Things, reads The Chronic Omnibus, his new Wellsian tale of how the Victorians saw the future.

And exclusive to this blog in mp3, a sneak preview "behind-the-scenes" of the production of Pointballing, featuring recordings from the foley session joined by The Travelling Mongoose.

The Verb is on at 9.30pm (UK time) on BBC Radio 3, and the show will be available for one week afterwards in BBC iPlayer.

Thursday 7 May 2009

Sounds of Soviet Animation Rebroadcast on Soundart Radio

This week's Ergo Phizmiz show on Soundart Radio is a broadcast of the Sounds of Soviet Animation podcasts, originally broadcast on WFMU. The show is an intricate and closely edited collage of music and sound-design from films created at the legendary Soyuzmultfilm studios.

In the show, you hear such gems as ...

Ideya Garanina "Cabaret"
A. Babaev "Story of One Crime"
N. Bogoslovski "My Green Crocodile"
Alfred Schnittke "Butterfly"
Yuri Norstein "Tale of Tales"
V. Dashkevich "Mountain of Dinosaurs"
B. Shapner "Man in the Frame"
A. Babaev "Story of One Crime"
Vadim Kurchevsky "Liberated Don Quixote"
Alfred Schnittke "Ballerina on a Boat"
M. Meyerovitch "Fox & Rabbit"
Alfred Schnittke "Glass Harmonica"
Nina Shorina "Door"
Natalia Golovanova "Cat & Clown"
Anatoly Petrov "Singing Teacher"
M. Meyerovich / Y. Norstein "Hedgehog in the Fog"
N. Golovanva / V. Artemov "Boy is a Boy"
A. Khrjanovsky / V. Shumova "King's Sandwich"
V. Tarasov "Contact"
A. Petrov "Firing Range"
I. Ivanov-Vano / Tchaikovsky "Seasons"
N. Serabryakov / E. Artemiev "Ball of Wool"

Ergo's Soundart Radio show broadcasts 2-3pm UK time on Thursdays. Listen online here.