Wednesday 17 June 2009


From deep, deep in the Phizmiz vaults come these two nuggets of delight from 2003.

Written by Ergo Phizmiz, and performed by comic genius and Renaissance man Erik Bumbledonk, who uploaded these gems previously thought lost to the big cardboard box of eternally disappeared CDrs.

"Santa Claus gets relatively bored sat in his little cupboard everyday by himself. Throughout the course of the year while he waits for Christmas to happen, this is what he does."

"Its hard being a stand-up comedian. It gets even harder when you get a big laugh though. Featuring birds." * Note: those of you with either minors or miners may be warned that this piece has a few rather rude words in and also features Erik Bumbledonk's slice of hanging beef! *

More glorious Bumbledonk here.

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