"Machine Meditations" - Triptych. Acrylic, Wall Paint, Ink, Collage & Meccano on wood panels.

"Enochianopoly" - Phantasy Board Game. Cardboard, wood, vinyl record, ping-pong ball, paper, marker-pen, collage, poster-paint, acrylic paint, domino, clothes peg, dice.

"Aurora" - Paper, cigar, domino, fabric, wall paint, marker paint on canvas.

"With Or Without Boiled Beans" - Paper, electrical tape, cardboard, plastic.

"Intermezzo" - Fabric, meccano, ink, paper, on canvas.

The Board

From the Garden

Church Hotel

Diving School

Opera in which to wash your sorrows

"An Echo Flagrantly Attempting to Pass Itself Off as an Original Sound" - Wood, bass-drum pedal, toy dartboard, pen, poster-paint, and acrylic on canvas.

"OPERA en DEUX actes" - Staticopera in two acts. Wood, collage, acrylic, watercolour. "Billiards" work-in-progress.

"The Rubber" - Excessive Entertainment Tint of Vintage Print. Acrylic.

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