Saturday 29 August 2015

VOGEL EUROPA at Toi Toi Opera Festival, London

Ergo Phizmiz presents the UK premiere of his experimental opera "Vogel Europa" at the Toi Toi Opera Club Night, London, October 28th 2015, presented by the Helios Collective.

"Vogel Europa" is an opera using song, found-sound, mixed language, and rhythmic spoken word, taking cues from the intoned voice operas of Robert Ashley and the simultaneous sound-poetry exhibits of the Dadaists. The opera also makes direct reference to the work of Polish writer Bruno Schulz, mixed with autobiographical references and stories, fantasies, and multilingual bird-name directories from old records. Finally, we will meet the last bird in the universe and discover what his swansong is.


Saturday 15 August 2015

GALA at Grimeborn

Tomorrow, for one night only, at Arcola's Grimeborn Festival, a new production of "Gala", Ergo Phizmiz's opera on the romance of Gala Dali and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Written, Composed and Directed by Ergo Phizmiz

Starring Thea Martin, Adam Dindorf, Natalie Morgan and Teddy Court
with Jenny Moore, Serafina Steer, Sarah Anderson, Simon Clark, and Tom Woolner

Designed and Produced by Luis Carvajal

Presented by I-DA projects

Also starring Cumberbatch's steam

Tickets available rrrright here....

Some photos of rehearsals to whet that hungry palate of yours....