Saturday 19 February 2011

The just about exhaustive, possibly with omissions, collected sound-works list of Ergo Phizmiz, 2000-2011....

Because it had to be done some time ......

Disappearing Boxes
Radio-art, for WDR3. Work-in-progress.

The Third Policeman
Opera. 53 minutes. Work-in-progress.

Merzak - Muzak for the Merz Barn
Electronic and electroacoustic music, with MC Bumbledonk. 55 minutes.

Radio-art, for DeutschlandRadioKultur. 3o minutes.

Posthuman Dadamix
Mix for Discrepants, on ideas from Andrei Codrescu's "Posthuman Dada Guide". 20 minutes.

Look, Do and Listen
Pop album, 50 minutes. Released on Care in the Community Recordings. Recorded 2010-2011.

3 2 1 A A and Away
Sound-Installation for exhibition by Carlos Noronha-Feio. Presented at Bridport Arts Centre 2011. 20 minutes.

Fulcanelli's Shoes
Performance-lecture-opera-film-show. Supported by Arts Council England, Headphonica, Soundart Radio, Care in the Community Recordings. Created in collaboration with Martha Moopette. 53 minutes.

Mix for Tom Ravenscroft Christmas Eve Special
Short-story and 20 minute mash-up. Broadcast on BBC6 Music.

The Ergo Phizmiz Show (Pilot)
30 minute spoken-word and mash-up show. Unreleased.

The Keystone Cut Ups
A/V collaboration with People Like Us. Premiered at Berwick Film & Media Festival. 45 minutes.

Music For The Jilted Generation
Cover version of the album by The Prodigy. Released on UpItUp, mp3. 40 minutes.

The Faust Re.Cycled
Remixes of The Faust Cycle. Released on Headphonica, mp3. 100 minutes.

The Phantom Organ
Sound-Installation for Depozitory, Isle of Wight. Indeterminate length.

Tramadol Nights : Pussy Song & Train Song
Two songs for Channel 4 comedy show. One unreleased. Broadcast Channel 4. 3 minutes.

Things to Do and Make
Pop album, released on Care in the Community Recordings. 40 minutes. Recorded 2007-2009.

The Mourning Show
Opera, commissioned by and premiered at De Player, The Netherlands. 45 minutes.

Toped Buts
Album of studio improvisations. Unreleased. 50 minutes.

Earballet - Don Quixote
Instrumental music. Released on Free Music Archive. 20 minutes.

Covers album. Released on Free Music Archive. 50 minutes.

The Faust Cycle
Sound-art odyssey. Released on Headphonica. Supported by Arts Council England & VentnorBlog. 14 hours.

Live in Warsaw
Live album, with Macio Moretti & Piotr Zabrodzki. 40 minutes.

Music For Pleasure
Rock'n'Roll album. Unreleased. 60 minutes.

Paul Klee, a Balloon, the Moon, Music and Me
Radio-art, for BBC Radio 3. Special mention at 2010 Prix Italia. 30 minutes.

La Puce de Neige
Score for puppet-opera, for Patrick Sims / Buchinger's Boot Marionettes. Premiered at La Friche, Marseille. 45 minutes.

Outtakes from "The Snow Flea"
Mp3 album, released on the Free Music Archive. 30 minutes.

3 pieces of personal agitprop. Released on the Free Music Archive. 8 minutes.

Now That's What We Pump at the Party
Covers album, with Monkton Wylde, The Travelling Mongoose & Vulnavia Vanity. Released on Free Music Archive. 40 minutes.

Neredzema Margo
Score for Latvian children's television programme. 15 minutes.

Short-form radio for BBC Radio 3. 12 minutes.

Theme tune for BBC Radio 3. 45 seconds.

Pilot for children's internet television. Unbroadcast. 30 minutes.

The Invention of Birds
Sound, image, object and film installation, for Soundart Radio. 2 hours.

Talulah & the Baron
Children's radio. Released on Free Music Archive. 8 minutes.

Soundart Radio show
Weekly experimental show for Soundart Radio. 20 programmes, 60 minutes each.

Workshop with Tom Hicks, culminating in film. 5 minutes.

Lamps & Chairs
Music for Interior Design, with Margita Zalite. 25 minutes. Released on Free Music Archive and presented in Latvia.

Rhapsody in Glue
Pop and sample album, in collaboration with People Like Us. 50 minutes. Released on

Klara Festival adverts
TV & Radio ads for Belgian music festival. 2 minutes.

Forest: Part One
Sound, image, object and video installation. Indeterminate length. Presented at Venn Festival.

Dimbola - The Cabinet of Julia Margaret Cameron
Short form sound-works. 50 minutes. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Dimbola - Forest : Part Two
Radio-Art. 90 minutes. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Dimbola - Julia Dreams Exploding Sleep
Radio-Art. 45 minutes. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Dimbola - Tennyson's Enchanted Garden
Radio-Art. 20 minutes. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Dimbola - John Godwin's "Julia" (score)
Music for radioplay. 15 minutes. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Marcelle van Hoof session
Two experimental radio sessions, broadcast on DFM. 45 minutes.

Pie Hateaux
Album of songs, electronic, and electroacoustic vocal music. 50 minutes. Released on Proot Records.

Handmade in the Monasteries of Nepal / Eloise My Dolly
12" LP on Gagarin Records. 50 minutes. Recorded 2006-2007.

Phuj Phactory (Season 2)
Mash-Up Radio show, broadcast on WFMU. 33 x 60 minutes.

Experimental compositions made in Romania. 80 minutes.

Time Travel Musical Bazaar
Turntablism podcasts, with The Travelling Mongoose. 10 hours.

Podcast series, with People Like Us. 11 hours.

Film soundtrack, with People Like Us, for Christian Marclay. 30 minutes.

Nose Points in Different Directions
Retrospective album, on Womb Records. 75 minutes.

Silver Mixes of Golden Inches
Hip-hop album, in collaboration with Blank Beats. 30 minutes. Unreleased.

Phuj Phactory (Season 1)
Mash-Up Radio show, broadcast on WFMU. 33 x 60 minutes.

Sacred Emily
Radio version of Gertrude Stein. 15 minutes. For Softpalate.

Live performance with Martha Moopette. Indeterminate length. For Bestival.

Perpetuum Mobile
Pop and sample album, with People Like Us. Released on Soleilmoon. 75 minutes.

Concentrate on the Brass
Brass band pop music. Released on Mukow CDR. 60 minutes.

M: 1000 Year Mix
Sound-collage, for Arts Council England. 3 hours.

Wholepole: The Discotheque of Erotic Misery
Radio for BBC Radio 3. Two version 30 minutes & 45 minutes. Remixes 20 minutes.

Album of electronic music and songs, unreleased. 65 minutes.

Garden Waltz
Installation for Artists in the City. 20 minutes.

Arff & Beef
Cover versions, released on Womb Records. 25 minutes.

Reconstructing Scarborough, or the Absent Minded Seaside
Sound-Installation, for Sonic Arts Network. 30 minutes.

Sticky White Glue (Season 2)
Radio-art, for Resonance FM. 3 hours.

Film-soundtrack, for Martha Moopette. 3 minutes.

White Light / White Heat
Cover of the Velvet Underground album, released on Womb Records. 45 minutes.

Live on Mixing It
Session for BBC Radio 3. 45 minutes.

The The Interpretations by Uutske Buutske : Remixes
Covers, originals, and remixes, with The Travelling Mongoose. CDR on Mukow. 75 minutes.

Tribal Operations on the Mechanical Skull of Matthew Kelly
Improvisations and electronica, with The Travelling Mongoose. CDR on Mukow. 60 minutes.

Pangolin Variations
Electroacoustic music and songs, with Irene Moon. CDR on Mukow. 30 minutes.

For The Neonate
Track on Irene Moon 10" vinyl. Released on Begonia Society. 5 minutes.


Zip (Season 2)
Spoken-word, songs and music, for Resonance FM. 3 hours.

Sticky White Glue (Season 1)
Radio-art, for Resonance FM. 3 hours.

Cull to Clont
Live improvised vocal radio-art, for Resonance FM. 60 minutes.

Instrumental music, unreleased. 2 hours.

Sound-Poetry & Music, unreleased. 20 minutes.

Cameron Snaps Her Heel
Radio-art, for Resonance FM. 45 minutes.

Film soundtrack for Zenith Pitts, screened at Super-Deluxe Tokyo. 3 minutes.

Ergo Phizmiz & his Orchestra plays Aphex Twin
Cover versions, released on Mukow CDr. 30 minutes.

The The Interpretations by Uutske Buutske
Cover versions and originals, with The Travelling Mongoose. Released on Mukow CDr. 30 minutes.

Mash-ups of religious music, with People Like Us & Xper Xr. Released on Mukow CDr. 30 minutes.

Requiem for the Precedence of the USA
Radio-art, for Alt-X. 60 minutes.

Frithden EP
Remixes and instrumental music, released on Mukow CDr. 15 minutes.

The System of a Down Sessions
Remixes and instrumental music, released on Mukow CDr. 25 minutes.

Zip (Season 1)
Spoken-word, songs and music, for Resonance FM. 3.5 hours.

Music From The Court of Queen Bubu
Instrumental music, unreleased. 20 minutes.

Gently Bently Beneath the Waby Wabes
Radio-art, for Resonance FM. 45 minutes.

Online compositions, for Ubuweb. Indeterminate length.

Technique & Picnic
Radio-art remix of Namaiki, for Kirin Plaza Gallery Osaka. 30 minutes.

Music of Ergo Phizmiz
Songs and instrumental music, released on Mukow CDr. 65 minutes.

Music for Squares and Spinning
Ambient and experimental music, presented at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight in 2005. 4 hours total.

Orekano Mekano
Ambient and experimental music, broadcast on Resonance FM. 90 minutes.

Water Music
Performance-art mini-opera, presented at Middlesbrough College and broadcast Resonance FM. 30 minutes.

Music For Abdul Haq
Instrumental music performance, presented at Middlesbrough College and broadcast on Resonance FM. 20 minutes.

Indianhead - # - Xan
Songs and instrumental music, unreleased. 2 hours.

Songs and instrumental music, unreleased. 45 minutes.

Mechanical Translation
Songs and instrumental music, unreleased. 45 minutes.

Avocado Dreams
Songs and instrumental music, unreleased. 45 minutes.

Sfl Bjcts
Sound-Poetry, releasedon Ubuweb. 40 minutes.

Whiter Hair, Softer Teeth
Film soundtrack for Namaiki, unreleased. 20 minutes.

Radio-art, for WFMU. 60 minutes.

Minimalist comedy, broadcast on WFMU. 20 minutes.

Spoken-word and music, sections broadcast on WFMU. 12 hours.

Holiday in Hiroshima
Music and songs, unreleased. 45 minutes.

The Electric Lobster
Music and poetry, unreleased. 45 minutes.

Rumbled Bicycle
Radio-art, unreleased. 3 hours.

Monday 14 February 2011

Live Dates, March-April 2011

Ergo Phizmiz is playing a number of live shows across various formats during March - April 2011.

March 12th - "Howtosayto" at Bridport Arts Centre

March 26th - "Merzman" Islington Mill, Manchester * Supporting John Maus
This show will be preceded by a week long residency at the Merzbarn in Cumbria

March 27th - "The Keystone Cut Ups" * with People Like Us, at Flatpack Festival, Birmingham

April 6th - "Songwriters Cafe" * Beach & Barnicott, Bridport, performing entirely new material

Howtosayto @ Bridport Arts Centre

Howtosayto? One would expect this query to have a simple, one-dimensional solution. Life is, however, rarely so straightforward, and set to wreak the freshly odoured havoc of uber simple anti-simplicity will be a flock of artists, writers, thieves, raconteurs, chefs, composers, charlatans and burlesque dancers taking over Bridport Arts Centre on 12th March, 2011.

Showcasing work by creatives existing outside the fairly contemptible rotten gammon stench of the art and music industry/world, Howtosayto will present an evening of delights for your aural-retinal palates to savour like strawberries with sugar on a Summer's morning.

Baked in an immense pan by internationally acclaimed Dadachefs Ergo Phizmiz & Martha Moopette, the evening is a luxurious casserole of ingredients from across the UK, set to sizzle with world spices and just a dash of arsenic.

The sartorial elegance of Vulnavia Vanity will present tasteful slices of ukulele uberpop. Master Professor of Surrealism Oblivian Substanshall will fill your wanting mouths with spoken-word odysseys from the depths of Edward Lear's oven. Future-anti-pop-supergroup Angela Valid present a wordless cookbook of shatters and rattles, like a heavenly kitchen hurtling through space. Eleanor Davis will put a viola and her mouth into a pan, let them gently simmer, and see what comes out. Ergo Phizmiz will perform his new piece "Fulcanelli's Shoes", which includes no cooking but plenty of time-travel and a picture of Simon Cowell looking like a murderer.

The evening will also showcase some of the cream of contemporary film-making, including music videos and installations by the multi-award winning Martha Moopette, "Process No 18" by Phil Lane, a Duckumentary by Alexander Jones, and the UK premiere screening of the film "Slitscan Carnival" by Carl Rosendahl, one of the founders of renowned animation studio Dreamworks.

Bringing out the extra spices will be burlesque dancer Amethyst Shivers, who is of course likely to heat up the proceedings, a human Cumin, if you like. The evening will be compered by a comedy legend so underground he's permanently hot from volcanic activity (hence his red hair, the colour of a Rogan Josh), the great Erik Bumbledonk, who was last seen as a suicidal, birdlike imitation of radio DJ Chris Evans, bare-bottomed and jumping out a window to his death.

At the miniscule cost of £3, which now constitutes approximately 3 and a half chocolate bars, or two bags of pasta, or half a bottle of wine, you can't really go wrong. So do come along, wear something dapper or trampsy, whatever is your wont, clean out your eyes and ears (but with something non-corrosive, of course), buy a drink, and learn Howtosayto. * *

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Fulcanelli's Shoes - Trailer

The trailer for Ergo Phizmiz's performance/lecture/fact/fiction/opera/film, which premieres at Soundart Radio, Dartington, 5th February 2011. If you can't make it to the opening, why not tune in....

Livin' On a Prayer

Ergo Phizmiz is developing a new covers project, following on from his notorious "Ergo Phizmiz & his Orchestra plays Aphex Twin", "White Light White Heat", "Arff & Beef", "Now That's What We Pump at the Party", "Dadaphone" and "Music For The Jilted Generation".

The new one is called "Pomp Up the Jam", and is entirely covers of POMPROCK.