Disco Organ!

The son of a working-man's club organist in North-East England, Ergo Phizmiz has grown into being the world's leading purveyor of DISCO ORGAN. DISCO? AND ORGAN? That's right. DISCO ORGAN.

Ergo Phizmiz dives down the rabbit hole back to his roots as the son of a working-men's club organist, and serves up five tracks of whirlwind-wizard disco-organ glory. Performed entirely on a Technics PCM Sound C300, and dedicated to that other disco-organ whirlwind-wizard Jacques Malchance of UpItUp Records (who once treated Ergo to a late night disco-organ performance in a Liverpool cellar), ORGANOFF is here to make you shake your feet and wiggle those digits into the long, black and white ivory night.

Some live Disco Organ...

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