Some Folk Can

"Some Folk Can", released in 2014.

The marvellous said about this album...

"For all purposes the listener isn’t likely to get that a lot of what they are hearing is actually computer manipulated sounds.....There is a joyousness in these pieces, the kind of creativity that kids exhibit because they don’t know the rules, they only know that they can create anything their mind allows them to create.  That’s the kind of music that is on this recording....He just starts tinkering and experimenting, maybe playing with something he’s already done until it’s unrecognizable and then finding that new thing, that little thing that clicks and takes his exploration into new, uncharted territory." (read the full review here)

"Some Folk Can", in which Ergo Phizmiz presents an epic of super-magick-sexy-electro-mechanical-marvels. 

Combining a myriad approaches from his last fourteen years of adventures in the further reaches of experi-pop-fragmento-collage-musicking into new and surprising shapes and combinations, "Some Folk Can" sees Ergo Phizmiz blur and toy with the boundaries and blurred lines of acoustic and computer music. And not a Thicke Robin in sight....

Harmoniums fly through the air and clash with electric guitars, woodblocks of all shapes and sizes judder against one another, great big airships of the history of music explode into one another. Then all the world went dark. Because some folk can.

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