Friday 26 July 2013

New articles on Ergo Phizmiz and "GALA" in Animations Online, The Independent & Fulham Chronicle

"GALA" by Ergo Phizmiz opens Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2013.

Read an interview with Ergo Phizmiz on composing puppet opera, on Animations Online

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Read a preview of "GALA" on Animations Online

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Monday 22 July 2013

"GALA" preview in Animations Online

Animations Online have published a preview of "GALA", the new puppet opera by Ergo Phizmiz, which opens this year's Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival.

'Comparing the musical landscape of ‘Gala’ to “a slightly gone-off Baroque Disneyland” which is “quite lush and romantic but with a really sour topping,” Phizmiz says he was also inspired by the soundtrack to Salvador Dali’s film ‘Un Chien Andalou’ (1929), which was backed with Argentinean tangos.' 

Read the full article here.

Listen to music from "Gala" below...

Book your tickets for "Gala", which plays at Riverside Studios, London, August 1st & 2nd.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Hear extracts from "GALA" by Ergo Phizmiz

Opening Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival, 2013
Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd August, 1900-1930

Puppet Centre and Tête à Tête co-production in collaboration with Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance 

Music and Words: Ergo Phizmiz 

 Gala is a puppet-opera inspired by the aged Gala Dali’s rapacious relationship with Jeff Fenholt, a young actor then playing the role of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. 

In a collaboration springing from the 2012 Puppetry in Opera Conference, Tête à Tête works with Isobel Smith (Grist to the Mill), and puppeteers together with singers from Trinity Laban on a longer commission from Festival favourite Ergo Phizmiz following his 2012 Lite Bite Caring in the Community. 

Director: Bill Bankes-Jones 
Design/Puppetry: Isobel Smith 
Music Director: Timothy Burke 
Gala: Becca Marriott 
Jesus Christ Superstar: Alex Gilchrist 
Maid: Laura Monaghan 
Puppeteers: Isobel Smith, Teele Uustani, Darren East
Violin played by Amie Willingale

Monday 8 July 2013

Hacking the Florentine Camerata

The Ladies and Gentlemen's
Profusion of the Perpetually Curious
"Hacking the Florentine Camerata"

Experiments in Time-Hacking
History Manipulation
(ref. History of Music)

is dragged
(kicking and screaming)
into the world

T H E  B I R T H  O F  O P E R A

( M O N O D Y )


Premiere at Musicport Festival, October 2013, alongside first UK festival performance of "UOEIA" Favola in Jodel by Swiss Family Phizmiz.

Private performance in Bridport, July 2013 (date tba).
Drop a line if you want to come.

* * *

Thursday 4 July 2013

New works in paper, foil and card by Ergo Phizmiz

"Polyphony Game 1"
"The History of Art" (sheets of foil pressed into the pages of art books found on the market).

Opera House (two more views below)

Tuesday 2 July 2013

IDIOT - The new album by Ergo Phizmiz

Ergo Phizmiz presents IDIOT, a new album of skewiff compositions and fractured sound-collages, created between 2011-2013. 

"Salt" is the result of over-exposure to a very political artist's penis, created with Elvis Herod. Although it wasn't Elvis Herod's penis I was overexposed to, rather Herod shared in the exposure to the aforementioned penis.

"Pianola With Headache" is just that.

"Sand Dune Dances" are a woozy dream of a sand-dune landscape in a snow-globe.

"The Voice of Terror" is a Sherlock Holmes nuclear adventure.

"Little Gagarin's First Rocket" tells you just how excited baby Yuri was.

"Ornidisco" where the dickybirds get their rocks off.

"Pontin's Masturbatory Reverie" for two brothers in a holiday camp.

"Doll War" a miniature battle rages.

"Warsaw Encounter", when brought to visit a very interesting fellow indeed.

"Night on the Town". Superfunk.

"Hassan Disco" i Sabbah knows how to throw shapes.

"The Happiest Birdy". A lullaby for domesticated animals.

"Orpheus Tickled". Any why not?

"Magador". A writhing harem.

"The Larks". Upsidedownism and music-boxes, variations on a Hungarian folk song.

"Dummkopf". Idiot march.

"Ragbone". The love of rattling and bone shattering.

"Bee Quiet" a jive in the hive.

Recorded at Atelier Royale & The Sunroom, Bridport; The Merz Barn, Elterwater; La Chaussee, Herison, France.

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