Wednesday 13 June 2018


in the style of a particular type
of music journalist.
You know who you are.

FUCK MEN ;) , the new album from under-ground music leg-end Ergo Phizmiz (PLC), is a blisteringly brilliant barnacled behemoth of a record, a grand Panjandrum of juddering, stamping, tear-yourself-apart-and-reconstitute-yourself-like-the-corned-beef-you-are hardcore axe wielding cockpop. (Sometimes writing hurts me). Beats that grind and shimmer betwixt antiquarian synthesis devices and guitars like armies of barking, rabid hounds. Yet in this fractal chaos there is, like in every music journalist, a bleeding core of aching, almost catatonic, tenderness, where plaintive, forbidding violins tease the raw, unfiltered feeling from the robotic automatische klang-krieg that churns relentless from the belly of this motorik world. (Have I mentioned Hegel yet? Or do you already gather that I have a couple of introduction to philosophy books somewhere?) There is fear, bags of malice, squalling riotous symphonies of anxiety where demonic industrial incel cowboys screech and yodel in the precisely quantized aether. But there is, yet, a glimmering of hope – we record collecting humans need not descend into despair, for where the brave fear to tread, this oozing broth of techno rock'n'roll has the power to cleanse our acrid souls. (We forgot to use the word “visceral”, does that matter? What time is the Top Gear repeat on?)