Monday 17 September 2012

"VESTIBULE" - Single edition, double 10" vinyl and cassette pack

For sale, a single-edition music release comprising 2 x 10" vinyl, one 45 minute audio cassette, and one 20 second loop cassette. Entitled "Vestibule", the release is based on Ergo Phizmiz's performance from the 2006 Bestival, and has slowly formed into its current state since then.

One record contains remixes of Gagaku music, recomposed orchestral music, and a combination of the two.

The other record is a mishmash of beats, bad hip-hop acappellas over said beats, recomposed opera, and Japanese Noh Theatre.

The loop cassette is a montage of Hungarian vocal music and electronics.

The 45 minute cassette is a combination of an array of sonic elements, including sound-poetry, film soundtracks, and electroacoustic compositions.

"Vestibule", then, is a release best experienced with two turntables and two cassette decks in front of you. Designed for simultaneous listening and constant chance mixing, it's a release for infinite permutation. There's no one way of listening to it.

The pack will arrive as you see it above. Both records are packaged in cardboard, elastoplasts, watercolour paint and gramophone needles.

You want it? Contact ergophizmiz at gmail dot com and name your price ..... 


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