Sunday 16 September 2012

Ergo Phizmiz News September 2012

Greetings my sweet and sexy peas. Welcome to the new splurge of Ergo Phizmiz news....

The new single from Ergo Phizmiz "Time To Think It Over" is an outtake from the forthcoming album "Eleven Songs". The single is released download-only on Care in the Community Recordings this month. The album is released on December 3rd. Poptastic.

October 19th on Bayerischer Rundfunk sees the premiere broadcast of the new radioplay from Ergo Phizmiz. "Conversations With Birds" is a labrynthian game of language, opera, history, travel and literature.

Illegal Art are releasing a DVD of People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz "The Keystone Cut Ups", a montage of silent-comedy and early avant-garde cinema with an original instrumental score. A 7" single of two musical cuts ("Moon"/"Magic") is also imminent.

Autonoise are releasing an edition of 100 cassettes, "RAKEDIKA". Subtitled "games for music to play with toys", the album is made entirely from edits of Autonoise's own hacked toys.

If you are near Lausanne at the moment, head to Theatre Vidy to see "The Old Man Of The Mountain" from Patrick Sims & Les Antliaclastes Marionettes, featuring music by Ergo Phizmiz, Ata Ebtekar and Oriol Viladomiou. The work also tours extensively in the coming year.

Taking up the majority of time at Phizmiz Towers & Atelier Royale is the production of "GARGANTUA", the new work for theatre by Ergo Phizmiz. Combining electronic music with vocals, puppetry, collage, dance and animation, the work is a hallucinatory encyclopedic voyage on the high seas of time and space. 

Inspired by Rabelais, but referencing, well, pretty much everything, it's set to be a unique sensory adventure. It tours the UK in March 2013, with a planned European tour for late 2013.

Supported by PRS Foundation, Qujunktions, UpItUp Records, Bridport Arts Centre, The Waiting Room, and Soundart Radio. The work, as per usual, was rejected funding from the Arts Council - there is a huge crowdfunding campaign planned to take off in the coming weeks, so if you can chip in, please do.

Thanks for reading .... I blow you big wet sloppy kisses across an apocalyptic landscape of knives, forks, spoon, and stones....

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