Thursday 11 August 2011

The Third Policeman Rehearsals, Day Two, and first "Sounds From the Underground Chamber" podcast

Second day of rehearsals done and dusted, real progress made today....

We are delighted to introduce the first of a new podcast series "Sounds From the Underground Chamber", documenting the rehearsal process of The Third Policeman.

Erik Bumbledonk dies in a corner

Ergo & Erik look at a chair

Martha Moopette post-goosing

Erik stabs Vulnavia in the head with a ladder

Ergo demonstrates the art of throwing empty cans into a bin

Mr Phizmiz's pursed lipped coquettish look, just before a light fell on his head

Vulnavia in foxy mode

Building a puppet theatre and back projecting

Martha Moopette getting jiggy with the iron on glue

Vulnavia regarding a giant pair of underpants

Shadow puppets

Vulnavia hasn't managed to remove the ladder from his head

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