Thursday 7 January 2010

Why download "The Faust Cycle"? 1 - 46

From the merciless addiction that is Twitter, 46 reasons to download Ergo Phizmiz's big, big sound-art piece "The Faust Cycle", which you can grab, freely from Headphonica.

1) It features a string quartet riding bicycles & playing Janacek.
2) We pay a visit to Trimalchio's next dinner party.
3) Marcel Duchamp learns to rap.
4) Latvian songbird Margita Zalite sings Peggy Lee and makes it her own.
5) To hear the sound of a Moses basket made of gurgling babies in a sewer.
6) A walking gramophone.

7) The regular appearance of an 1832 Debain Harmonium.

8) A ukulele song about love and poo.

9) It took three years and nearly made my brain collapse.

10) It can be listened to closely, or allowed to linger in the background.
11) To hear the largest and most ornate bowel movement in history.

12) To hear Pete Um wax lyrical about opera and sing about cassowaries.

13) Where else would you hear a giant exploding pig?

14) To hear a singing child psychiatrist.

15) To hear a mambo duet between God & the Devil.

16) For Helen of Troy's mime-only version of The Iliad.

17) For Igor Stravinsky's stand-up comedy show.

18) If you've nothing better to do, you can nearly pass a whole day.

19) For Bela Emerson's gorgeous cello & electronics improvisations.

20) To hear Joseph Cornell speaking entirely through sound-collage.

21) In order to find out what happens when a train comes to a dinner party.

22) Find out what happens with an aroused monkey backstage in an opera house

23) It has no cryptic references to the number 23.

24) Meet Mr Sausage.

25) It's chock full of brand new pop songs locked within it's fabric.

26) To hear Angela Valid's electroacoustic hell kebabs.

27) What does a piano promenading through a sewer sound like?

28) To hear a mechanical doll careering out of control at 80 mph.

29) For a myriad marble runs.

30) For a TR606 improvising with a rainstorm.

31) To hear James Nye's variations of Erik Satie "An Evening in Hell".

32) Hear the Four Tops covered by Noel Coward and a Country & Western band.

33) Peer into the Devil's pantomime kinetoscopes.

34) It's not created by Simon Cowell. Or is it?

35) To hear me flushing myself down the toilet.

36) Martha Moopette monologues off Cole Porter lyrics.
37) It has no headlice in it.
38) It's an iPod killer!

39) Hear the world gently, gently crack

40) For a malevolent talking Albatross, of course.

41) For insect recordings by Irene Moon, the singing entomologist.

42) Discover how to be a ventriloquist with no talent for doing so.

43) Hear Erich Von Stroheim over and over and over and over and over again.

44) To put Ergo Phizmiz at rest and give his poor, twittering fingers a break. (Contributed by the great Navia of Vanity)

45) Because Vulnavia Vanity says so.

46) For the 1940s style balloon dance of Emperor Rudolf II of Prague.

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