Sunday, 17 January 2010

"The Faust Cycle", more reviews

Ergo Phizmiz's 14 hour audio work "The Faust Cycle", released as free, Creative Commons audio on Headphonica, is continuing to pop up across the wonder of the blogosphere.

From Journey Through a Burning Brain:
"Expect some kind of deeply disturbing, elevating and jolly sound-meditation.. for hours and hours and hours...This thing is a mix of narrated passages which penetrate your mind in a poetry-like, dreamy, collage, trip -like fashion. An intertextual explosion. Interwoven with longer and shorter and longer pieces of, well to keep it simple, music...expect everything."

From Ayeball:
"... this is clearly the work of a singular visionary...A real iPod-strainer at around 2GB in size, but it more than justifies the space and will keep you entertained for hours (at least fifteen of ‘em). As I type, I’m halfway through the second of five chunks, and am utterly enraptured."

Thankyerkindly ...

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