Tuesday 27 January 2015

Instrumental music from "Billiards"

"Billiards" is an electronic opera by Ergo Phizmiz, developed through an Embedded residency with Mahogany Opera Group and Sound & Music, about a meeting deep in space between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (259 years old today), and Raymond Scott, the father of electronic music.

This album comprises instrumentals and alternative versions of compositions from the score. Created using harpsichord, electronics, and the works of Mozart & Scott.

The music of Raymond Scott is used with the kind permission of the splendid folks of the Raymond Scott Archive.

And see below for clips of "Billiards" in rehearsal...

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  1. I just heard the music and i have to say i'm impressed! my friend was looking for something like this and now i finally know what to recommend to her! thanks again.