Saturday 10 August 2013

"MUSIC FOR PLEASURE" - New album on digital download now

A 17 track behemoth of Ergo Phizmiz's singular take on guitar based rock'n'roll & pop music. Twisty nightmares, bakery mythologies, monsters, wordplay, camels, the album boasts 17 slices of uber-catchy, noisy reverie, including cover versions of rock'n'roll classics "The Bird's The Word", "I Try to Find" and "Little Things".

"The Sap" is a subterranean homesick nonsense vomit, "The Luncheon Bell" a full-stomach of noise-tea, "Boomgie" is a stomp on a scale to compete with any of history's stompers, "Funny Hydromatic" is a non-driver's version of car rock, and we defy you not to be singing "The Camel is the Mammal" into next year.
Every track is imbued with the trademark combination of sly humour and attention to the craftsmanship of songwriting, and is a must-add to anyone's collection of music by Ergo Phizmiz.
Recorded 2009 - 2010 at the Mechanischemmusikkabinett, Devon.
Written, Composed, Performed & Produced by Ergo Phizmiz
Additional bass, guitar, vocals by The Travelling Mongoose.
This album is available exclusively on Bandcamp. If you have enjoyed Ergo Phizmiz's free music, please chip in and buy this, and do spread the word.