Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ergo Phizmiz "Music for Theatre, Film & Radio" released for a limited time via Pay-With-a-Tweet

Twenty-four choice choppings of instrumental music by UK based composer, collagist, writer, film-maker, imaginary raconteur, and fancy-footworker. Recorded between 2009-2012 for radioplays, short films, theatre, and opera.

This release will be available for a limited time only, in the run up to Ergo Phizmiz's appearances at 
Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2012 and Interzone Theatre's "The Grinder" project, which is written by Ergo Phizmiz.
It is available exclusively via the Pay-With-a-Tweet service, and why not eh?

Booking for Ergo Phizmiz: "Queen of Names"

Booking for Elvis Herod's "Mike the Headless Chicken"

Booking for "The Grinder"

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