Monday, 21 May 2012

Ergo Phizmiz "Queen of Names" and Elvis Herod's "Mike the Headless Chicken" at Tete-a-Tete: The Opera Festival

"A whirlwind tour through the life and work of maverick writer, collagist, radio-producer and opera composer Ergo Phizmiz. Performing excerpts from music-theatre pieces dating back to his early teens to current work-in-progress and experiments, the evening will provide a personal and kaleidoscopic overview of the work of one of the UK's most uncategorisable and prolific artists."

"One day in the mid 1940s in Fruita, Colorado, a poultry farmer was flummoxed by the continued survival of a decapitated chicken. Over the next 18 months Mike the Headless Chicken became a celebrity, touring the land as a wonder of nature, until an inglorious end in an hotel room (which can hardly be called untimely, since his head had died a year and a half earlier). This new Kentucky Fried Live Action Dada Cartoon opera by Elvis Herod, presented with The Gang of Rogues (returning to the festival after last year's controversial "The Third Policeman"), is a poultry-indigestion nightmare in garish technicolor."

Starring Martha Moopette, Richard Clare, Vulnavia Vanity, Elvis Herod, and Ergo Phizmiz.

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