Thursday 14 July 2011

Ergo Phizmiz "Music For Accountants: Volume 1"

A new series of cassette tape releases by Ergo Phizmiz, "Music For Accountants" will be released in limited runs of 50 copies, each in unique, handmade packaging, on Chinstrap Music.

The music contained will not be posted formally online at any point, and all will be unique to these cassettes. Everybody who buys the cassette, however, will also receive a ZIP file containing high-quality mp3 and FLAC versions of the music.

The sounds contained on "Music For Accountants" document the far reaches of Ergo's work, away from commissions and pop releases, delving deep into the experimental processes that drive the heart of his idiosyncratic output.

"Music For Accountants: Volume 1" features digital-delay vinyl experiments, the use of Kurt Schwitters' Merzbarn as a musical instrument (in collaboration with regular co-conspirator Erik Bumbledonk), remixes of Monteverdi into sublime glitch compositions, intricate MIDI compositions, extracts from score music for carpets, and alphabets made of stars.


Side A

Symbols Float (1.35)
Monteverdi Shimmers (1.02)

Doll War (1.18)
Popcorn (2.21)
Thirst Class (4.52)
Monteverdi Stutters (0.31)

Bond Dodo Gilt Bats (2.28)
321AA (2.37)
Salt (3.18)
Balloon Time (1.42)

Side B

Monteverdi Stammers (1.02)

Star Alphabet (3.44)
Babybox (2.00)
Disturbers (1.09)
Monteverdi Shatters (0.50)
Andaway (3.29)
Merzybeat (4.05)
Rattlers (2.00)

The Rubble in the Barn (5.59)
Monteverdust (0.12)

It will be released within the next month or so, and is now available for pre-order, at £8.00 plus £1.50 P&P.

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