Thursday 27 January 2011

Ergo Phizmiz Live in 2011 - Awaiting Bookings

Ergo Phizmiz is currently putting together a series of live dates in various forms for 2011.

Please contact ergophizmiz at gmail dot com if you are interested in booking any of the following:

Performance-Lectures & Seminars
: A rare chance to hear the various nooks and crannies of Ergo Phizmiz's singular work unwound, like a magician revealing his tricks. Part performance, part seminar, Ergo takes various facets of his work over the past ten years and unravels the methods, meaning and madness behind it all.

Find out about the processes of producing a 14 hour radiophonic journey over three years, or how Ergo killed a popular DJ through opera, or how Beyonce translates into Klezmer, or how Ergo met Paul Klee and went on a hot-air balloon ride through the deceased artist's paintings.

Travelling through methodologies including sapling and sound-collage, intense-memetic composition, radio-art structured through tangential wordplay, painting with music, and looking at sound-art & composition through the lenses of both technique and dreams, this will be an entertaining and unique trip through the work of an artist described as "truly a singular visionary".

This performance is available to universities and colleges.


An Evening with Ergo Phizmiz: The artist described by The Wire as "Not so much a one man band as a one man movement" presents a one-man show.

Across the course of a whole evening Ergo Phizmiz performs extracts of work created from 2001-2011, including pop songs, live radio-art, chamber opera, improvisation, live film soundtracks, and spoken-word, interspersed with film and installation works.

An immensely colourful journey through acoustic, electronic, and sample-based music, and with the benefit of ten years performance experience across the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Romania, Switzerland, and Poland, Ergo gives a chatty, intimate, Dadaistic cabaret show, completely unlike anything else in the world of performance today.

Fulcanelli's Shoes: Reconsider your histories. We live in an age of holocaust deniers and the Da Vinci Code, the information age has become the age of fabricating the past. Reality has become something malleable, flexible to the needs and whims of whomever happens to be recalling what has already been.

"Fulcanelli's Shoes" is a response of sorts to this cultural phenomenon, by Ergo Phizmiz. Weaving a tale with one foot paddling in truth, and the other firmly embedded in lies, the piece presents a rewritten cultural history of the 20th century, presenting the relationship between the artistic and alchemical worlds at the beginning of the century as the catalyst for the creative, scientific and political revolutions of the proceeding times.

Discover how Jean Cocteau could travel in time; the secrets of the Large Hadron Collider; hear a genuine alchemical transmutation of base metal into gold; find out how anagrams built the universe; learn how to fix anything that is broken .....

Part lecture, part opera, part documentary, this is a uniquely 21st century artwork, bringing together strands of forms into a unified but scattershot form. Collaborating with film-maker Martha Moopette and performer Vulnavia Vanity, Ergo Phizmiz has created a truly experimental piece of anti-art, with the feel of something akin to being kicked in the face with a Ferrero Rocher boot.

"The Mourning Show": Ergo Phizmiz's "punk opera" about demons, magic, and the death of a popular radio DJ was described by Vital Weekly as "an excellent opera, which brought plunderphonics to a new level".

Featuring a stunning central performance from Erik Bumbledonk as Chris Evans, The Mourning Show is by turns hilarious, intense, and completely unforgettable.


To book any of these performances or enquire further, contact ergophizmiz at gmail dot com

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