Monday, 22 November 2010

Ergo Phizmiz - Collected Sound Installations 2002-2010

suRRism-Phonoethics proudly presents Ergo Phizmiz 'Collected Sound Installations 2002-2010'!

'Ergo Phizmiz¬
...with lips of rusty time across comes and umbrella my sound
screaming fast tackled idea crumbling neck folding squiRts...
i upon coin less mentions 'a true threshold of infinity'
this music more than a quantum classical deterministic probability!
interpretations do apply most there & within well
as those aspects will invent probabilities...
irreducible wonderland quality in mathematics!
ceiling, and bag came left to the "off" then slow smacking the another "why"
just sprung the brake, fire see plastic...
though sin{ema} have any here together - fruit & put else, concrete dazzlingly feathers
releasing uncapped and tossed captured frames gathered as one perennial!'

-undRess Béton

Receive your eligible copy here:
Ergo Phizmiz - 'Collected Sound Installations' (mp3 and covers)
or here: Ergo Phizmiz at Internet Archive

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