Tuesday 31 December 2013


My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen …

******** IF 5 ********
*** New Year's Eve 2013 ***
******** (Supermusicfilmdiscogramophoneparty) ********
*** Dedicated to Mr Smith ***
* at the Chapel in the Garden, East Street, Bridport *

8.30 - Lizzie Hornby
tinkles the old Joanna

9.00 - Amie Willingale (and a gentleman)
delivering fresh fish from Falmouth and finely crafted items of musical magick

9.30 - “Jigsaw” by Martha Moopette
Dance-Animation-Flute-Electronic-Performance-Film from 2005. Have a drink.

9.50 - Ergo Phizmiz
the world's worst pop star delivers a set of music from the 1920s, organs & gramophones.

10.30 - Robert Lee
the whirlwind wizard.

11.15 - Elvis Herod
the King of Kings delivers a sermon. Pure filth. Bring Optrex.
All the way from Las Vegas.

11.45 - Marching Band
in which Elvis Herod leads a procession to Bucky-Doo square for further festivities.
There are drums and things galore. Grab them.
Then bring them back, because, there's more......

12.15 - The Pub Band at the End of the Universe
Does what it says on the tin. All your favourite songs, from the end of the universe.

Featuring “Bridport's most famous man” (View from Bridport) FLORA BERTOLLI.

Afterwards, more …. in rooms there and about. DJ-ing and more.
Including Robert Lee and Jane Saunders waltzing the classics.
And who knows what else? Not me, anyway. Do you?

Huge thanks to all the performers, all the folks of the Chapel in the Garden, Kate, Glenys, Rebecca, Simon, Nicky, Talulah, Autumn, and all the marvellous folk of crazy old Bridport. 

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