Friday, 19 September 2014


"Some Folk Can", in which Ergo Phizmiz presents an epic of super-magick-sexy-electro-mechanical-marvels. 

Combining a myriad approaches from his last fourteen years of adventures in the further reaches of experi-pop-fragmento-collage-musicking into new and surprising shapes and combinations, "Some Folk Can" sees Ergo Phizmiz blur and toy with the boundaries and blurred lines of acoustic and computer music. And not a Thicke Robin in sight....

Harmoniums fly through the air and clash with electric guitars, woodblocks of all shapes and sizes judder against one another, great big airships of the history of music explode into one another. Then all the world went dark. Because some folk can.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Coming Spring 2015 "A Fairytale of World War II"

Premiering Spring 2015 at Bridport Arts Centre, Ergo Phizmiz presents "A Fairytale of World War II", a musico-mechanico-espionage-spectacle on music, childhood, languages, dreams, codes, guns, tap-dancing, and the golden age of variety theatre.

This project is supported by PRS For Music Foundation.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ergo Phizmiz Live at Cafe Oto

The entirety of Ergo Phizmiz's recent entirely unamplified performance at Cafe Oto.

New Collages & Mixed Media work by Ergo Phizmiz

New things. You can come and see these in the flesh, and hundreds more, at HOLLYWOOD, Ergo Phizmiz's studio, which is taking part in the next Bridport Open Studios at the end of August....

"Machine Meditations" - Triptych. Acrylic, Wall Paint, Ink, Collage & Meccano on wood panels.

"Enochianopoly" - Phantasy Board Game. Cardboard, wood, vinyl record, ping-pong ball, paper, marker-pen, collage, poster-paint, acrylic paint, domino, clothes peg, dice.

"Aurora" - Paper, cigar, domino, fabric, wall paint, marker paint on canvas.

"With Or Without Boiled Beans" - Paper, electrical tape, cardboard, plastic.

"Intermezzo" - Fabric, meccano, ink, paper, on canvas.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Saturday 2 August 20:15-21:00 & Sunday 3 August 16:15-17:00

White Lab Central Saint Martins

A new electronic Wild West medieval apocalypse opera by Ergo Phizmiz, premiering at Tete a Tete: The Opera Festival 2014.

A dream-odyssey through the nether regions of the Wild West, where Wolf Shamans summon lightning, cowboys ride on rocking chairs, and the strains of an out-of-tune Banjo are never far away. A ramshackle epic of shadows and pistols, Peashoot is a unique take on the mythologies and mysteries of an esoteric Americana, from festival regular Ergo Phizmiz.

Listen to Ergo Phizmiz Shoots Peas on WFMU, a radiophonic workshopping of many of the ideas that ended up in the final version of the show, on Vicki Bennett's Do Or DIY with People Like Us