Thursday 9 October 2014

SPORT1 "Music For Jeff Wayne to Play Tennis To"

The world is, as you know, jam packed to the brim full of wonderful facts and phenomena.

Of all the wonderful facts and phenomena with which this world is packed, one of the most wondrous remains that Jeff Wayne, composer of the seminal intergalactic disco rock epic "The War of the Worlds", is an avid, and brilliant, tennis player.

The will to Sport clearly overcame Jeff's space-disco inclinations, and the poetry betwixt bat and ball that leaps across space at speeds up to 90mph soon won out. As you can see below. Jeff is the Tennis-Eagle on the right, and he truly deserves this trophy, as every avid exponent of Sport truly deserves this trophy.

To commemorate Jeff Wayne's involvement with the Sport of Tennis, Ergo Phizmiz has specially composed a series of Sport of Tennis themed compositions, to support, aid and celebrate Jeff Wayne's involvement with the Sport of Tennis.

Next in the annals of Sport, Music To Aid and Abet Celine Dion in her pursuit of the Sport of Golf.

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