Wednesday 29 October 2014

Ergo Phizmiz & Elvis Herod "Stardust Memories"

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.... two abominations of the human race unite in a tender, starlit embrace in the comforting, tender folds of Soundart Radio, and throw together a tender, lunar broth mouth-bab. 

* Edited  from a 3 hour live studio session, for two voices of two abominations, and two record players, "Stardust Memories" is a smooth, tender journey into the smooth, tender hearts of two smooth, tender, starlit abominations.

The cover art of this album, featuring a pre-rap Daniel Radcliffe and two smiling hounds, was designed especially by Stefan Sagmeister. Thanks Stef.

* To be read in the voice of Don La Fontaine

Dedicated to Simon Lilleker (who works down the works), with tenderness, and a smooth, glossy exterior.

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