Sunday 12 December 2010

Dear Mr Cameron, Dear Mrs Clegg

"Dear Mr Cameron, Dear Mrs Clegg" by Ergo Phizmiz
Dedicated to marching students, UK Uncut, and glorious civil disobedience in the face of idiocy

Dear Mr Cameron, Dear Mrs Clegg
I've got a few questions, not pullin' yer leg,
so please give a listen, I really must beg
for a moment of your precious time.

A big surprise what they're doing to our country....

You'd like all the people to sit down in silence
and certainly abstain from abhorrent violence
but how can we sit in contentment to christen
your system, when clearly you're not going to listen

The bankers, the bonuses, bona fide bastards
are supping the champagne, expensively plastered
you speak of recession and endless cutbacks
whilst most of your chummies are dodging their tax

Dear Mr Cameron, Dear Mrs Clegg
I'm not being funny, but do you expect
all the people to sit down and quietly reflect
on the rug being pulled underfoot?

Mrs Clegg, you are sat in your warm, comfy office, ye
got there by mast'ring the fine art of sophistry,
Cameron, can't quite believe that you got your wish,
always presumed you were grown in a petri dish.

What will become of the hope and the glory
the future will tell an abominable story
Deeply I want to say "Better beware"
but the truth is that, surely, you really don't care

Keep the rich even richer
the poor even poorer
And slowly but surely
and surely and surer
the present kills future
the parents eat infants
and all of our culture
devolves into fragments
and eats itself
where is your sense of posterity
look past your pockets and into the futurey

Dear Mr Cameron, Dear Mrs Clegg
A terrible rhyme, I know, but I must beg
that you pull out your earplugs, use your fucking heads
or you'll sink us all into the water
sink us all into the sea - er
we might as well be North Korea

tell all the police stop the fear
our country's become rather queer
that's just about all now my dear
just about all now my dear...

In a green and pleasant land sitting
Watching clouds a running by
Take the heart from the unwitting
Pull the sunshine from the sky

Dear Mr Cameron, Dear Mr Clegg
Beyond the issue of expense,
have some bloody sense....

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  1. A political incendiary Ergo Phizmiz? Thanks for taking some of the awful burden carried by Str8 Sounds, I am so tired of being one of the very few anarchist anti-royalty troubadours of the non-modern age. Down with hierarchy! Down with leadership! No more domination systems. Eat more soup!