Monday 26 April 2010

The Mourning Show


Download an mp3 of "STASIMON 2"

From DePlayer:

"For this COM.POST Ergo Phizmiz made a suitcase opera. easy to transport but impressive in it's refined content and output.

An evening of adventures homegrown operesqette business about about the English talk radio DJ Chris Evans doing a phone-in show. Somehow by the end he'll be dead.

This year the term 'Memetism' is a guideline to create new performative soundpieces leaning forward or bending over to opera, ritualistic slaughter, group autistics, chamber meetings amongst others.

The research element for this production will come through the combination of various historical operatic compositional models into a mad amalgamation of self-reflective music.

The evening will be served with a program around this masterpiece, existing of the following bits:
-A collage film about opera, demonology, and the ideas / processes of The Mourning Show
-A series of drawings and collages on opera
-A special party mix of opera-pop
-A set of foundsound by The Travelling Mongoose

THE MOURNING SHOW will have its try-out at Extrapool, Nijmegen at thursday 6 may.

On Sunday 10 may it will play in Les Atelier Claus, Bruxelles.

Later this year it will do another tour in Holland, France, Germany and Poland

COM.POST is financially supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, the City of Rotterdam Department of Culture, Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumkunsten+,
the Pact op Zuid, the Stichting ter bevordering van Volkskracht and Vestia.

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