Thursday 29 April 2010

Acquainting oneself with Erik Bumbledonk, star of "The Mourning Show"

"We would be delighted if Chris Evans came to see The Mourning Show and have already contacted him and informed him of this opera. If he objected, we would still perform it anyway. We would hope that if he did ever hear about the show he would see it as a declaration of our love towards him...after all I'm ginger just like he is...still, I could imagine that he might get a little bit upset because he dies at the end. But don't we all?" ERIK BUMBLEDONK

Erik Bumbledonk is an actor, comedian, composer, writer and film-maker. He will be releasing a CC licensed album on Chinstrap under the Plushgoolash moniker in the very near future.

And here's a clip of Mr Bumbledonk in action, in two pieces written by Ergo Phizmiz from 2002-2003-ish. Act 1 & Act 4 of "Komediergophizmiz". Both contain some RUDE WORDS.

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