Saturday 6 June 2009

Music from "The House of Dr Faustus"

The first material to be released from Ergo Phizmiz's large scale radio work "The House of Dr Faustus", a real labour of love now nearing completion, has just hit the web!

'Music from "The House of Dr Faustus"' is an hour of new instrumental Ergo Phizmusic created over the last two years, basically the soundtrack album to the radioplay, a Surrealist journey into a house with a depth of hundreds of miles.

It is also the first release displaying Ergo's more recent stylistic developments, with a greater focus on instrumentation and detailed arrangements. "Gretchen's Tango" dreams woozily about on harmoniums and multitracked trumpets, whilst "Music For Darkness" visualises an immense black, timeless space with thumping violas, Cajon and harmonica. Also pay a visit to a "Dream Garden", experience the "Death Dance of David Niven", or sink into the "Music For an Underground Circus".

This release is available in high quality mp3 format, completely free ....

You can stream or download it at the WFMU Free Music Archive.

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