Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Carnival in the Mirror Marches Into The Sea - Repeat broadcast on Deutschlandradiokultur

Deutschlandradiokultur are repeat broadcasting Ergo Phizmiz's 2011 30 minute radio-collage work "The Carnival in the Mirror Marches Into The Sea", next to a 20 minute edited version of the 2012 piece "Conversations With Birds". Listen here, at 0.05am (German time) on the morning between 27/28 February.

"The carnival is warming. Costumes rustle, commentators mutter in their microphones, glasses are filled and emptied. As an unheard sound procession on the audience begins overtake. 

Surreal acoustic natures transform into and through each other, pianos squirt their guts, dead carousels come to life, and the audience is increasingly in ecstasy."

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