Sunday 8 April 2012

Electronic Music 2001-2006

An emptying of the cupboard, 30 previously unreleased nuggets of electronic music by Ergo Phizmiz spanning five years. From the jazz-sample-collage of "Alethea", to the party-electropop of "Ferret", to the 1920s Broadway hip-hop of "Lazy Bleat's Legs", to the ethereal circus synth waltz of "Trapeze", to the abstract glitch funk sound-poetry adventure of "Arpolage", this is as unique a collection of electronic music as you are likely to find in a month of Sundays. Which would mean a lot of roast dinners with this kaleidoscopic odyssey of blips and bloops as your musique d'ameublement. So there you are.

Put that in your special pipe and smoke it.

Including collaborations with Blank Beats, The Travelling Mongoose, & Martha Moopette. Michael Jackson, Hans Arp and Harpo Marx also rear their lovely heads. Close listeners may also spot a 9 year old Vulnavia Vanity shouting about trousers.

Ergo Phizmiz backstage, wondering where it all went so wrong....

This album was recorded in York, Billingham, Lincoln, Withern, London, Newport, Freshwater, & Ventnor, 2001-2006. Collated and Mastered in Bridport & Withern, 2011-2012.

All the tracks are made by the arranging of sampled and recorded sounds on a timeline. No MIDI was injured in the recording of these pieces.

Listen, spread the noises, tell your friends.....

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